Monday, July 18, 2011


New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie has been absent from the State House in Trenton for two weeks. Most of that time was spent vacationing with his wife and four kids. While Christie was gone, Democrats in the State Senate tried unsuccessfully to override 28 of the Governor's State Budget cuts. Tomorrow, Assembly Democrats have planned a budget committee hearing to examine the impact of Christie's cuts.

Today, Christie held a press conference to announce his plans to restore $139 million in state aid to distressed cities. He was asked about the Democrats' activities while he was gone and he answered in typical Christie-style.

"I understand. It's an election year and they (Democrats) need something to talk about," said Christie. "They can't go out and say, 'Vote for Democrats because the Governor's kept the budget under $30 billion for two years in a row, not raised taxes on anyone in New Jersey, increased edcuation aid to an all-time high, increased aid to hospitals. Vote for democrats.' They gotta have something to say so, that's the soup de jour."

Never one to mince words, Christie wrapped up his comments on the topic by saying, "Part of the job of being the adult supervision in the building is to remain calm when others lose their head and we remain calm."

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