Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican used his line-item veto power to slash funding out of a Democrat-sponsored State Budget. Among the program cuts are those that provide funding for medically fragile kids, AIDS patients, the blind and disabled, Medicaid prescriptions, distressed cities and more.

Democratic State Senate President Steve Sweeney was and is livid. Over this past weekend he was quoted as calling Christie "a rotten bastard" and then "a rotten prick."

After having a day to reflect, Sweeney summoned the State House press corps to his office, but he definitely did not say he was sorry.

"Possibly, maybe I shouldn't have used the strong language, but I don't apologize for it," said Sweeney. "Could I have gone over the top? Probably I did, but I don't apologize for it."

Sweeney says Christie called him over the weekend, but he didn't answer the phone or return the call. He says right now is not the time for he and Christie to have a conversation. The Governor is currently vacationing with his family in Idaho.

Christie's communication director did release a statement saying Sweeney's comments were disrespectful to the office, but the Governor will continue to work with the Senate President.

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