Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Turns out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn't the only one in his administration who can captivate a crowd. Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno isn't too shabby and the crowd she had to win over today was the New Jersey Bankers Association.

After being introduced as a former organized crime prosecutor and the first female sheriff of Monmouth County, NJ, Guadagno walked to the microphone and said, "You all look at me and say, 'organized crime, sheriff, really?' Yes, I'm the warmer, fuzzier side of the Christie Administration. I kept my bullet-proof vest when I moved to Trenton just for days like today."

At the time of this morning's event, Christie was out of state. Guadagno said, "As I stand here today I'm the acting Governor, I'm the Lt. Governor and I'm also the Secretary of State so I like to say you know I'm a Republican because I collect one salary and no pension. Great job!"

She asked the bankers to let her know which companies might be thinking of expanding in the state, relocating to the state or mulling the notion of leaving the state, then she did something unheard of even by Trenton's State House standards......She publicly gave out her cell number number.

I thought about texting her while she was still mid-speech, but decided that was probably a bad idea. I still have the number so, I might change my mind.

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