Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had a morning campaign event in Iowa followed by seven such events in Illinois. Tomorrow, Christie has two events in Michigan. The Garden State Governor has become something of a national media darling and it’s not uncommon for popular Governors to travel around the country campaigning in support of fellow party members. Christie is an engaging public speaker and videos from his events clearly reveal he can “wow” a crowd. A new poll shows New Jersey residents aren’t all thrilled with Christie’s travel schedule.

A Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released today shows almost two-of-three New Jerseyans (64 percent) want Christie here, while one-in-four (24 percent) support his travels.

For the 22 percent of respondents who rate Christie’s job performance excellent, a majority (55 percent) say he should campaign, while 38 percent prefer he remain in state. Others disagree: of those who think he is doing a good job (23 percent), only 22 percent want him to campaign, while 64 percent say he should stay home. Of the 52 percent who say Christie is doing only a fair or poor job, nearly three-quarters want him to stay put and work on New Jersey issues.

About one-third (37 percent) of respondents say Christie’ national recognition makes them proud to be from New Jersey. The large majority (56 percent) say it does not. Support for Christie’s national campaign tour is apparently related to pride: 61 percent of those favoring his campaigning also say Christie makes them proud to be from New Jersey. Two-thirds (64 percent) of those who want him to stay home say the governor does not make them proud.

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