Wednesday, July 21, 2010


In 2003, then-New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey said the Xanadu shopping and entertainment complex in northern New Jersey would be open for business in 2006. He said it would create 21,000 jobs and generate $250 million annually in taxes for the state. None of that has happened.

A quick check of the calendar shows it is 2010 and not only is Xanadu not yet open, the entire project is stalled. The alleged money-making endeavor now seems like it's going to cost this cash-strapped state a bundle.

Today, as part of his plans to overhaul the New Jersey's struggling gaming industry Governor Chris Christie is endorsing providing $875 million in state financial aid for the Xanadu project. He says the $2 billion complex has come too far to simply abandon.

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Anonymous said...

i remember all of the debates that happened in the media around this debacle before ground was broken. i would love for all of the public figures (not necessarily pols) to have there predictions re-published and given credit for trying to stop the incredible waste of money from happening from the beginning.