Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marriage equality debate continues at State House

Today at the State House in Trenton to New Jersey there were two press conferences regarding marriage in this state. One was organized and staffed by groups advocating for marriage equality. The other by organization touting what they term traditional marriage.

No one is really quite sure why they picked today to rally. Garden State Equality does have a legal case pending in which the organization is asking the courts to force New Jersey to allow gay marriage, but no date has been set for a hearing. The National Organization for Marriage doesn’t seem to have anything to complain about. Last fall, a bill to allow same-sex marriage in the Garden State was shot down in the legislature.

In the end the groups essentially cancelled each other out although the same-sex marriage advocates were able to muster roughly double the turnout of their traditional marriage rivals.

At least the dueling rallies did stop people in Trenton from talking about Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson for a little while.

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A. said...

the reasons for the rallies were because of NOM's "summer for marriage tour" which will be traveling (mostly east coast)to major cities this summer.
Counter rallies and other events that wish to highlight gay couples/families struggles for equal protection under the law.

More information can be found here