Friday, May 20, 2011


I've gotten 31 emails today asking me why I'm not doing stories about the end of the world predictions for May 21st. Really? I first thouht a bunch of people are just kidding, but I think most of them are serious.

What should I report exactly? Some fringe people think the world will end while most people don't?

BTW, It's noon eastern standard time so it's already May 21st in parts of the world and I haven't heard anything is amiss.

The so-called "holy man" who is predicting this is in a no-win situation anyway. If the world ends he's not around to say "I told you so." If the world doesn't end tomorrow, he's out of a job.

There you go "End of the World" story.


Anonymous said...

This same Revernd has predicted the end of the world BEFORE.He had his whole congregation fly to Isrial to meet Jesus then flew back home on his round trip ticket leaving them all stranded. I really wonder how smart are his followers? I'm a Christian and in the bible it states no one will know when the end is coming.

Aminesh said...

Do not confuse about the situation going on today's world. What Jesus says in the Holy Bible about the End of this World and the Second coming of Christ..You need to Read more References in Holy Bible but one thing is True and that is only the Father(God) knows about the End Time. you need to read Holy Bible: Matthew 24, then you will get perfect idea..
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