Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today, at a town hall meeting, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie once again shot down talk of running for President in 2012. Last week in Washington Christie told a crowd that he already knows he could the Presidential election.

The New Jersey State House press corps has been hearing this talk for months. Every so often a network or national reporter who does not cover Christie every day as we do, parachutes in and asks the obligatory "Are you running for President" question.

It's actually gotten kind of comical. There are times when one of the State House press corps will ask simply because the answers Christie gives are funny. What is also funny is when a journalist from the outside comes in and earnestly asks the Governor if he's running. They ask it as if it's never been asked before and they're breaking some new ground. I don't fault anyone for asking the question if that's what they've been directed to do and I truly look forward to Christie's responses because while the answer is always "No," he delivers it in a unique way each time.

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Anonymous said...

no we need him here in New Jersey...