Monday, November 15, 2010


A strict anti-bullying bill was the key issue addressed by the State Legislature in Trenton, New Jersey today. The new measure would require school officials to be trained in recognizing and dealing with incidents of bullying. Annual reports will have to be submitted to the State and each school district will be graded.

In Spetember, Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi killed himself after he learened that a romantic encounter he had with another man was video-streamed on the Internet by his roommate. That tragedy has given the new bill some momentum and a lot of supporters.

Give a lsiten to the harrowing stories that were told in testimony today. They were told by emotional survivors of bullying and the even more emotional parents of kids who could no longer endure the daily torment.

To listen, go to Click on "Legislature" and then click on "View or listen to prior proceedings." Once you get to that spot click on the Senate or the Assembly Education Committees for November 15, 2010.

Should you choose to hear what these people had to say, ity might be a good idea to talk to your children to see if they're being bullied. It is a real problem that tragically for some becomes a matter of life or death.

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