Wednesday, November 24, 2010


New Jersey's tough talking Governor Chris Christie is often called a "rising star" in the Republican Party. He campaigned across the country for GOP candidates and most of them won. He's becoming a regular on the national Sunday morning news programs and was a pretty funny guest last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Things are going very well for Christie right now. We should remember though that rising stars and shooting stars look a lot alike, but while one shines for a long time the other fizzles out pretty quickly.

Obviously, I don't know Chris Christie's fate, but I do plan to test out one of his theories next week. The Governor says New Jersey's image is improving by leaps and bounds. Typically when I go on vacation out of the country I don't tell people I'm from the Garden State when they ask because I've heard every joke and insult thousands of times. Sometimes I say I'm from Nebraska and I think once I said I was from Montana.

Next week I will tell people I'm from New Jersey! I informed the Governor's office about my planned litmus test and was asked to get back to them with my observations. I will do that and I actually hope Christie is right because I'm not interested in somebody asking me which exit I'm from or telling me how horrible the Soprano series finale was.

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