Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Its 12:40 pm at the state house according to reporters, lobbyists, and Eastern Time. Yet the legislatures’ watches read 10 am! 2 hours and 40 minutes has gone by since the committee’s scheduled start time and no attendees of the committee are surprised by the delay.

The reason for the lack of shock is the high frequency of “fashionably late” appearances by legislators. On Monday, for example, the assembly began more than an hour late. Almost every vote, hearing, committee, begins late.

However, not all elected officials are peer pressured by this trend. For example, the treasurer Andrew Eristoff has always been punctual (according to my own accounts).

Many individuals have various plausible ideas as to why these elected officials are always late. After much time for speculation, we still have not come to one conclusive answer.

To conclude, I have no animosity towards the relaxed start times. I only hope to eventually have telekinesis with the speaker, senate president and governor. This way instead of pointlessly waiting for the elected officials to show up, I could be sleeping, showering, doing home repairs, or just plainly using these three hours in a more enjoyable way.


njbornandraised said...

The NJ legislators, who are not on time for meetings of any kind, show the public that their attitude is Lackadaisical and that the event isn't important enough for them to put in the effort of making a timely entrance. It's despicable. They should be voted out of office as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

They disregard our will, they disregard our time. No shock here. These are the types of individuals we elect, complain about, then re-elect.