Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christie's VIP list lagging?

You can’t really argue as it has been in the past that New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie “stacked friendly audiences,” for his town hall meetings to promote his 2.5% hard cap on government spending. After roughly 55 mayors filed on stage, the audience that remained consisted of working members in the government, press, lobbyists, and less than a dozen people who could be considered members of the general public today. Where has the audience gone?

Prior to a town hall meeting in Hoboken on May 17th according to press accounts, Christie’s office tried to prevent school board members from attending town hall meetings. In an email to a local official they allegedly stated, "We would prefer that they not be invited. This is about taxes, not education. Thanks, sorry for the heartburn."

So, is it Christie’s force that keeps them away? This is quite possible from previous accounts. Yet, many people have speculated that the NJEA, the teachers unions, and the residents of New Jersey are simply tired of the fights between the governor and the education system.

Perhaps with the lack of interest, the rally for Christie’s initiative is not even necessary! Perhaps the citizens of New Jersey have entrusted their governor and are tired of fighting! Whatever the reason, this town hall meeting with the Governor did not require specific invites because it seemed that no one, for or against the governor was interested in coming anyways!

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