Tuesday, April 13, 2010


(photo by Ilya Hemlin)

William Ojeda, a teacher from Milltown had an interesting day. He delivered a letter to the Governor applauding his intitiatives to balance the budget but, imploring him to please do it in a way that is not so drastic. Ojeda doesn't want to lose after-school programs and in-class teaching aides.

What is intersting about Ojeda's day is how he got to the State House and how he made sure his srudents were learning in his absence. He teaches social studies at North Brunswick High School. Ojeda ran the first 16 miles from Milltown to Trenton, biked 4 miles and then ran the last 2 miles.

Ojeda asked his students to write an essay about an individual in history who made a difference. While trekking to Trenton, Ojeda called at the end of every class period and talked to his students via speaker phone. He says, "All the substitute did was hand out the assignment sheets and hold up the phone."

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Anonymous said...

Did you send this to the NJEA president? I believe there are many teachers throughout the state that would be more than willing to take a pay freeze to save programs and jobs but the union leaders are not allowing it.