Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission's latest report released today shows the "net worth" of the NJ Republican State Committee, the State Senate Republican Majority and the Assembly Republican Victory committees collectively totaled $610,549 through March 31, 2010. That's a 30% increase from four years ago when a Democrat was Governor.

On the flip side, the combined "net worth" of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, Senate Democratic Majority and Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee totaled $679,888. While that represents more cash on hand than the GOP, it is down 69% from four years ago.

Republican fundraising is clearly on the rise, but you can never discount the Democrats in a blue state like New Jersey. The GOP had more cash on hand after last year's elections which swept Republican Chris Christie into the Governor's Office, but after fundraising and spending for the quarter Demorcats still have a slightly larger warchest.

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