Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last month, in the Assembly Chamber at the State House before a special joint session of the legislature Republican Governor Chris Christie delivered what many are calling the most painful budget proposal in state history. In New Jersey, Democrats have the majority in both the State Senate and the General Assembly. As expected the majority party was not thrilled with Christie's plan, but at least they were not allowed to ask him questions following the speech.

Today, Christie once again found himself on the floor of a packed Assembly chamber, but this time he was peppered with questions for over 20 minutes.

Here's what reporters discovered........Christie's favorite kids' movie is "Shrek." His favorite princess is Cinderella. His favorite kid actor is Zac Efron and his favoriate teen singers are Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers. Christie's favorite President is George Washington.

Although he doesn't necessarily consider them to be pets, the Governor said he used to have three goldfish at home. Their names? Bubble, Puddles and Tiger. Unfortunately, Tiger recently past away. Christie refused to reveal details regarding the circumstances surrounding Tiger's untimely death. No word on autopsy results.

The Governor says the best perks of his job are being driven around by state troopers and getting to use the state-owned beach house at Island Beach State Park. He claims toughest part is being told what to do all the time by schedulers, body guards and staffers.

He was asked, "What kind of laws are you enforcing?" Christie responded, "Right now, I"m trying to keep the Legislature out of this building."

One inquiring mind wanted to know, "Do you have a giant chair in your office?" Christie said his chair is the regular size, but was quick to point out that it does spin all the way around.

I guess it bears mentioning that nobody over 10-years-old asked a question. Christie, a father of four whose youngest daughter was with him at the Statehouse, fielded dozens of questions in a Q&A with state workers' children as part of "Take Your Child to Work Day."

Just because children were asking the questions doesn't mean we don't need answers about Tiger.

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