Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yesterday, Senate budget panel chairman Paul Sarlo took on State Treasurer Andrew Eristoff and the tension was thick. In his Budget Address, Governor Chris Christie said the Corzine Administration practiced "Alice in Wonderland" budgeting by estimating sales tax revenues would grow by 5% in Fiscal Year 2009-2010. Sarlo is accusing Eristoff of assuming the same growth that Christie is ridiculing that the previous Governor for using.

Sarlo sad, "You all have just claimed in many different ways that were done with Alice in Wonderland budgeting and we're in difficult economic times. There's a lot of hypocrisy here and I think we all want to get beyond the fairy tales."

Eristoff said, "I fail to see where the hypocrisy lies." Sarlo responded, "Unfortunately the hypocrisy lies…..I don't want to…." The Treasurer interrupted the chairman saying, "Please don't call me a hypocrite, because, you know…." Sarlo said, "I'm not calling you a hypocrite. Please don't take it that way."

There's no doubt Sarlo was calling somebody a hypocrite. You can hear the entire exchange by clicking on the icon on the main page of beginning at 5am on Friday, April 9. I'm pretty sure that's when the web master makes it available.

By the way, (and it is just my opinion) I think "web master" is a ridiculously pretentious job title.

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Jason from Jackson said...

Here's a thought, how bout instead of focusing on what the other party has said/done maybe you could focus on the issues and trying to balance the budget and cut spending. The game is over, to paraphrase Damon Wayans "Christie don't play that"

So Kevin, you don't like Webmaster? Would you accept website creator god LOL