Monday, March 22, 2010


The full Assembly is scheduled to vote on a package of public employee pension and health benefits reform bills. Union members are continuing to fight against the legislation and today almost every hallway in the State House is lined with school teachers. They're standing off to the side and simply staring at everyone who passes by. It is clearly an intimidation tactic.

Today is Monday. Today is a school day. Who is teaching the students today? Are the children being left behind today? Will the students get the chance to race to the top today?


Anonymous said...

Is it time the teachers stand up for themselves? Their overinflated Union dues have been used to fund progressive agendas for political hacks,& pad Union leader's bank accounts. The first agenda of the Union is survival of the Union. Most teachers sincerely care about the kids, their education, & their future. Tenure and Unions should go the way of the dinosaurs for the good of us all. Dinosaurs atleast gave us fossil fuels. What will the Unions leave us?

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