Thursday, March 18, 2010


Governor Chris Christie's Fiscal Year 2011 State Budget plan calls for over $1 billion dollars in state aid cuts to towns and school districts and reduces property tax rebates. Republican legislators are talking about "shared sacrifice" and hailing the Governor as a disciplined leader who is doing what the people want.

Last year, then-Governor Jon Corzine, a Democrat proposed a budget that also included cuts to municipalities, schools and rebates. What follows (courtesy of the spinmeisters at the Democratic State Committee) is a sampling of what GOP legislators had to say then about Corzine's budget......

State Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean said, “The lack of state aid will translate into school property tax increases across most of New Jersey......This budget will increase the property tax burden on the middle class at a time when they have borne bad decisions of the past several years. We’ve seen the flat funding or the cuts in municipal aid over the past several years increase the property tax burden…This is an extension of that.”

Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce said, "The governor claimed that he recognized that property taxes in New Jersey were high and needed reform. No one interpreted that as eliminating or curtailing the only program (rebates) that provides some relief to taxpayers. The ultimate effect of doing what the governor is suggesting is actually a tax increase.”

State Senator Andy Ciesla (R) said, “[This] budget proposal would remove property tax relief for middle-class New Jerseyans who are already struggling to survive in this tough economy. Now is the time when the people of New Jersey are most in need tax relief, but [the Governor] is offering little more than higher taxes.”

State Senator Phil Haines (R) said, “The Governor is merely shifting state financial obligations to counties and municipalities. …. balancing the budget on the backs of middle-class property taxpayers rather than making hard choices.”

It is only a matter of time until Republicans dig up last year's quotes from Democrats who supported the very proposals they're now bashing. In fairness, that's exactly what the Republicans should do.


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