Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Chris Christie, New Jersey's new Governor says his top transition team members, “had continually asked (former Governor Jon Corzine’s) Treasurer (David) Rousseau for revenue projections through the end of fiscal year 2010. They would never give them to us. We asked week after week after week for revenue projections through June 30, 2010. Initially we were politely put off and then ultimately we were just ignored and we would not be given that information.”

Christie says he found out at 2pm Tuesday afternoon why the Corzine Administration wouldn’t give the information. He explains, “Revenue is projected to be $1.2 billion down year-to-date, to June 30. We’re talking now about an additional billion dollar net gap that we have to close for Fiscal year 2010.”

“It was only when we took control of government that we found out that in their possession they refused to give us the projections for what June 30 was going to look like,” explains Christie. “We’re talking about now an additional billion dollar hole that we are going to have to fix.”

In his Inaugural Address on Tuesday, Christie said it is time to stop assigning blame and time to start assuming responsibility, but like most of us he's not about to assume responsibility for something that is clearly not his fault.

Before taking office, Christie was very critical of Corzine's last minute appointments. The outgoing Corzine made sure to secure pension-padding positions for his friends who would be out of jobs the second Christie was sworn in. Yesterday, Christie got it a two-for-one swipe by saying, "I have no question now why the newest member of the Mercer County Board of Taxation didn't want to give us taxation information." The reason why that's a double criticism is because Christie once again got to take a shot at Corzine's lame duck appointments and because the, "newest member of the Mercer County Board of Taxation" is none other than former State Treasurer David Rousseau.

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