Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In the middle of his Inaugural Address yesterday (1/19/10) New Jersey's new Republican Governor Chris Christie suprised many people when he called two Democrats to join him at the podium. State Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver shook hands with Christie in what the new chief executive called, "a handshake of resolve and commitment to work together."

It seemed to those of us in attendence that Sweeney was caught off guard by the move and he confirmed it later saying, "I thought it was a nice gesture. Everybody said I looked surprised when he called me up and I was, but it was a very nice gesture that he showed of willingness to work with us and I was thrilled that he did it."

How long will the bi-partisan lovefest last? Sweeney says, "We're very much in the same place when it comes to the economy. Everyone recognizes we will have differences with social issues, but the economic health of the state of New Jersey has to some first."

New Jersey's estimated budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year is nearly $10 billion.

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