Thursday, January 28, 2010


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was not on the train for the 73rd annual NJ Chamber of Commerce "Walk to Washington" today. He insists it is because he has too much work to do when it comes to balancing the current fiscal year's budget shortfall (roughly $2 billion) and figuring out ways to get a handle on next year's deficit (about $10 billion). Those are great reasons not to go, but others say Christie is simply punishing the Chamber because they supported former Governor Jon Corzine's wildly unpopular plan to hike tolls by 800% in order to pay down state debt.

Christie made it clear he wasn't taking the Washington trip before he barred everyone in his administration from taking the trip.

As if that wasn't bad enough from a public relations standpoint for the Chamber.....then came the disaster in Trenton. I was among about 150 people waiting to board the train (I don't work for Christie). About 10 minutes before the train was supposed to depart we were told it was already gone. Republican State Senator Tom Kean was among those left stranded. We all had to take another train to Philadelphia while the train we were supposed to be on waited for us to get there. It was all chalked up to a "calculation error."


MCaseyKruger said...

When other leaders are on their way to Washington...maybe Christie can take hold of the state HR office and stop the cluster....currently the NJ State Department of Benefits is doing an 'audit' of all state employees to verify qualification of coverage. The problem is our state department isn't reviewing the documents sent in, have no idea the time line of when they will review documents...but are canceling employee coverage to single medical only. My husband is a NJ State Trooper, in his office of 5 employees 3 have sent in the necessary documentation 3x and when on the phone today...were told oh well...we don't know the state time line on reviewing but the coverage will be dropped on Monday, February 1st. Is this the leadership Christie is starting already? Take away family medical coverage illegally, but blame it on what? We like many other employees of the state have certified mail receipts that information was received....PLEASE investigate this...So Much For Being Transparent To the Citizens of New Jersey.

MCaseyKruger - newly uninsured thanks to NJ State Benefits Cluster _____.

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