Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The possible waste of taxpayer money at the Passiac Valley Sewage Commission (PVSC) is detailed in one of the 19 transition reports put together by Governor Chris Christie's team. Christie says he's studying all of the reports before forming any opinions, but if you consider his comments today it would not be unreasonable to deduce that maybe, just maybe he's already formed a pretty solid opinion on the situation at the PVSC. You be the judge.

"We're going to have to change leadership there," said Christie. "Imagine this.....the executive director of the PVSC makes $313,000 a year. His chief of staff makes $225,000 a year. Now, if I look envious it's because I am. That's significantly more than I'm making to do this job and as challenging as the PVSC may be (read with sarcastic tone) I think this baby may be a little harder."

Christie added, "We're obviously not paying on merit over at the PVSC so, we're going to take a strong look at it..............I think the taxpayers of New Jersey are going to be appalled to learn that somebody who runs a commission that gets its money predominantly from disadvantaged ratepayers has an executive director who is making $313,000 a year. It's outrageous. It's completely outrageous and we will try to figure a way to try and fix it."

By the way, not every one of my blogs will be about Christie. It just so happens he is new to the job and he is making a lot of news lately.

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