Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lt. Gov Debate Tonight at 8pm on NJ 101.5 FM

The three Lt. Governor candidates take part in a live, 90-minute debate tonight on NJ 101.5 FM. I will be blogging live on Any ideas for questions for the candidates? Any predictions on who will win? Do you think there will be a clear winner?


Anonymous said...

I am appalled at the lack of balance which was missing from tonight's Lt. Gov's debate. Dr. Esposito was cut off, and deliberately ignored several times. The anchors would give the Senator time to ramble off point, and then give her more time to try and get her to the point which she rarely did. Then the Sheriff would jump in stepping out of turn showed, Dr. Esposito can be patient and listen, which is more than can be said for the other two candidates who spoke out of turn and off subject.

shelly said...

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Otis Shelly said...

Are there any posted of which State Senator and State Representative are running again.
For which these are the ones needs to be voted out for you New Jersey
VOTERS. Check your property tax and
see what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Lt. Gov is a waste of tax payer money. Trenton is a crime sceen, and needs to be plastic taped, every rep arrested, and investigated for fraud...Then you will see how much money is saved on your taxes.