Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Dr. Randal Pinkett, season-four winner of TV reality show, "The Apprentice," says he has not been offered the LT. Governor candidacy. In a Newark press conference, Pinkett refused to give specifics about discussions he's had with Corzine or members of the Governor's camapign team. Pinkett wouldn't say if he wants to be offered the spot and he wouldn't say if he didn't want it. We're told that is not true at all and we'll have more on the real story tomorrow on NJ 101.5 FM news.

So, if Pinkett didn't clear up anything at his press conference, why did he bother to have it? He is still bristling at the fact that reports refer to him as a reality TV star, not a Phd. with five acedemic degrees. It could be argued that a smart person would have just put out a press release to make that point.


Anonymous said...

NJ 101.5 is a great station and you were sounding good with Tommy G. last night Kevin.

Robert J.

Anonymous said...

My comment is on the insurance of children with autism to be signed into legislation on Aug 13. I teach children with autism but am not for this bill. Do people realize the cost to the consumer and the lack of need for this? The people that will flock to New Jersey? The potential for money abuse by non qualified people?

Anonymous said...

Kevin McArdle,

Do the State Senators and Assemblymen who reside part time in Trenton know that the residents of New Jersey are fed up with their dual office holding practice? I know they changed the law for new politicians. What about the older politicians resigning their dual and triple political office positions and maintaining only one political office? Tell them to give 30 days notice and resign all other political office positions. This has been such a conflict of interest and has laid the groundwork for corruption.

confused said...

please tell me why state workers have to take 5 unpaid days per year, get no raises, because there is no money, yet the hire new part time people every month. they are allowing part time nurses to work for 45 dollars per hour, yet myself as a full time worker, has to take unpaid days. where do we save money and why are we paying for someone elses mistake.

tiasmith123 said...

I am totally agree with them whatever they have said it is all correct and no need to add anything further.
Tia Smith
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