Tuesday, May 19, 2009


May 19, 2009. It was another tough day for any New Jerseyan interested in the State budget. Luckily for elected officials not many people pay attention. State Treasurer David Rousseau told the Assembly Budget Committee that Governor Jon Corzine now plans a one-year suspension of the property tax rebate program for everyone but senior citizens and the disabled.

That must have led to harsh questioning, right? Wrong. Not a single Democrat on the panel asked a question of Rousseau. Then again, why would they? Administration sources admit they briefed the Dems on the plan and there was absolutely no reason for them to stoke the fire.

Republicans (who had not been briefed) were also very quiet on the topic. They asked about a possible hospital bed tax (not included anywhere in the budget) and unpaid furloughs for state employees before even getting around to the property tax rebate issue. The entire hearing was over in less than an hour

One very high-level Corzine administration official was ecstatic with the way things went. He said, “We did a really good job of keeping the lid on that (the rebate program reduction) didn’t we?”

One Democratic member of the Assembly Budget Committee said just prior to the hearing, “The best thing about the Democratic Party in New Jersey is the Republican Party. They can’t do anything right.”


Anonymous said...

Why is it that "painful cuts" ALWAYS means "for the taxpayer"? When a business comes upon hard times, salaries, benefits and perks are cut for employees of the business, even if they had nothing to do with the problems. Why is it that "painful cuts" never includes the salaries, benefits and perks enjoyed by the very politicians who CREATE these problems? Where is it written that Government and those employed by the Government, at the People's expense I might add, are exempt from "painful cuts"? Perhaps if politicians felt the same pain as the taxpayer they abuse, the cesspool that is Trenton could be cleaned up.

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