Friday, May 8, 2009


Brian Levine is a former GOP gubernatorial candidate who is now backing Republican candidate Christie Christie. At a recent news conference Levine put New Jersey’s current budget woes in perspective. Levine’s analysis has real credibility because he’s not only a CPA, he’s also the Mayor of Franklin Township (Somerset County). He can crunch numbers and his township has a budget of roughly $60 million.

Here’s how Levine breaks down the current fiscal year’s State Budget and the numbers are stark……..

The FY 2009 State Budget deficit is roughly $1.2 billion. Levine says that means New Jersey has less than eight weeks to go before the end of the fiscal year and the state has to find $200 million a week to make sure it is not deficit spending which is illegal. Put another way, that’s $30 million a day between now and the end of June.

How are we going to do that?

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Anonymous said...

We sure aren't going to do it by providing "tuition relief" to ILLEGAL ALIENS, Governor Corzine. Doesn't the word "illegal" actually mean something, or is it the destiny of craven politicians to grovel and pander to every "special interest" and to hell with the taxpayer picking up the tab.