Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Trying to garner public support for his FY 2010 budget proposal from a middle class New Jersey family, Governor Jon Corzine trekked to the Eatontown home of Frank and Martha Kijak. After some, coffee, cake and candid talk with the Kijaks, Corzine said he’s thinking about allowing residents who earn under $150,000 a year to claim the property tax deduction on their state income taxes. His budget plan currently calls for a one-year suspension of the write-off for everybody.

One hour and 30 minutes before Corzine’s visit with the Kijaks, Republican State Senate staffers hurriedly put together and announced a conference call with another so-called middle class Monmouth County resident. Kathleen Dromerisk, a 54-year-old substitute cafeteria worker from Middletown wasn’t what you would call supportive of Corzine’s overall budget plans. As Corzine was heading to Eatontown, Kathleen was telling a gaggle of reporters that she can’t afford to live in New Jersey anymore and as soon as she can, she’s leaving for North or South Carolina.

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