Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Word that Governor Jon Corzine is now re-thinking his budget proposal to impose a one-year suspension of the property tax deduction is being well received by many. Not everybody. Cynics are already crawling out of the woodwork to suggest that Corzine proposed the write-off suspension so that he could later scrap the plan and come off looking like a hero to middle class taxpayers.

We asked the Governor about that. He smiled as he answered, "That's a new theory. It's not a theory that I would subscribe to.........The idea that we would propose something as means to step back from sounds like it's coming out of somebody's political playbook as opposed to reality."

Are you a cynic? Do you think the Governor may have planned to axe the proposal all along?

As a side not, the Governor may have been smiling because the State Supreme Court decided not to hear the case in which the Republican State Committee chairman Tom Wilson was trying to force the release of e-mails Corzine exchanged with his former girlfriend and public employee union leader Carla Katz. The case dragged on for years and is now effectively dead which means Corzine won't have to answer too many questions about it while on the campaign trail. Then again, maybe he will.

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