Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" Protest still going in Trenton, NJ

Last week only about 3 dozen protesters brought the "Occupy Wall Street" movement to Trenton across the street from the State House. That's a pretty weak turnout by anyone's definition, but we can't say that this is not a passionate group.

Roughly a dozen protesters are still camping out and waving signs. Trenton is not exactly known for being the safest city in New Jersey after the sun goes down, but that's not deterring those who are still sticking around.

They don't seem to be getting much of a return for their investment of time. The press is now all but ignoring the protesters and even the cars that pass by, for the most part have stopped honking their horns in support.

One security guard asked me today what the remaining protesters are doing to stay clean. She said maybe it's time for them to "Occupy Showers."

Whether you agree with the 99%-ers or not, you have to admire the stick-to-itiveness of those still raging against the machine.

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William Gerardino, Photojournalist said...

Be patient.....the winds of change are here!