Monday, August 1, 2011


Residents of the great Garden State often get a bad rap. Not just for the TV shows featuring mobsters, housewifes and people from New York passing themselves off as Jeseyans living down the shore.

When I travel inside the country or abroad and meet people they are usually very nice. When they find out I'm from New Jersey they are often surprised because I'm actually polite. Most people from New Jersey are, by the way. Now comes more prooof.

A bank in Northeast Jersey was robbed this morning. After taking the money from the teller, the thief said, "Thank you." Now that's polite.

Admittedly, the act of robbing a bank isn't exactly courteous, but taking the time to say, "thank you," was polite and a nice touch.

There is one caveat......The FBI and local police haven't caught the suspect yet. When and if they do, it might turn out he's from New York. I'd bet the farm he's not from Philadelphia though.

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