Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Interesting Times in New Jersey and a Wild Ride

Late Saturday night through early Sunday afternoon Hurricane Irene hammered New Jersey's coast and flooding inland has left hunmdreds of thousands still without power. Covering Governor Chris Christie before, during and now after the storm has been non-stop and actually exciting.

After sleeping for two hours Saturday night I arrived at the New Jersey State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center a little before 4am on Sunday morning. 9 hours later I found myself in a Blackhawk helicopter traveling with the Governor to tour flood impacted shore areas in Cape May, Atlantic, Monmouth and Ocean Counties. I was providing radio pool coverage. Aside from the fact that another reporter threw up on me, it was an awesome ride.

Yesterday, I was in the Governor's motorcade to tour the flood ravaged town of Manville. I was providing pool coverage again. If you ever get the chance to travel in a Governor's motorcade, I highly recommend that you do it. Traffic doesn't exist because everybody has to get out of your way. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Talking to those who have had their homes destroyed is difficult. Meeting and speaking with people who are living in shelters is not fun either. It's my job to file stories on the people and their perdicaments, but I'm also a human being who can and does sympathize.

I can also empathize with those who are still without power or water. My house has been dark and dry since 2am Sunday. As of this writing I still have no power or water, but what I do have is some cool stories to tell and a real, first-hand understanding of how much many people are suffering as a reult of Irene's wrath.

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