Monday, March 14, 2011


The current State workers' contracts expire on June 30, 2011, and officials from Governor Chris Christie's administration officially began bargaining this past Friday. Still, for some reason, today the full Assembly is expected to approve a measure sponsored by Assembly members Thomas Giblin, Linda Stender and Wayne DeAngelo calling on the Christie administration to immediately start collective bargaining negotiations with union representatives.

Giblin explains, "Collective bargaining has a long and proud tradition in New Jersey. At a time when we're seeing workers' rights trampled in this country, it's important that this process remain a two-way street. The administration should begin engaging in good faith at once to ensure fairness in the workplace."

It bears repeating, the collective bargaining process actually got under way three days ago. Asked why this bill is still necessary Giblin responded, “It's just another step to encourage that the legislature wants to see this resolved in an amicable fashion. I think it was prompt of the administration to set up these hearings and these dates, and I view it as a positive. I think all sides want to see employees treated right. We have a tremendous amount of obstacles as far as the budget is concerned and we can't put our head in the sand anymore."

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