Thursday, January 13, 2011


For the 12th consecutive year, over two hundred mayors offered their views on several major policy areas in response to the State League of Municipalities Annual Legislative Priority Survey. Their responses to specific issues provide direction and will assist the League Executive Board and staff during what could be a critical year for municipalities and property taxes.

Property taxes, the 2% cap, sharing services, and the costs that affect taxes are foremost on Mayors' minds as they are preparing their 2011 budget. The 2011 budget is the first municipal budget subject to the 2% cap. Accordingly, when asked what action(s) they will likely take to meet the 2% cap the Mayors ranked them as follows:

1. Share Services

2. Increase Fees

3. Reduce Services

4. Concessions from Employees

5. Deferral of Capital Improvements

6. Increased Health Care contribution from employees

7. Lay-offs

8. Reduce staff from Full-time to Part-time

9. Furloughs

10. Eliminate Services

11. Salary givebacks from employees (tie)

11. One-time revenue (i.e. sale of public property) (tie)

13. Examine Consolidation with another municipality

14 Initiate Accelerated Tax Sale


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Another increase? Well, it's okay just to think that tax will help a lot for community development.

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Philippines Real Estate said...

I think it's alright to increase taxes due to a growing population. If the tax is high, the government will be able to provide better services to its people and develop more projects which will benefit communities at large.

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