Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today I was given a private tour of the World Trade Center site. It was moving and rewarding. Videos and audio of the tour along with the news story filed for Millennium Radio News can be found after 5am tomorrow (8/25) http://www.nj1015.com/ and http://www.statehousesteps.com/

Videos from the tour that can be viewed tomorrow include an inside look at the rebuilding of 1 World Trade and the WTC memorial.

Exactly where is Ground Zero, literally? Thursday you will be able to see Bill Baroni, deputy exectuive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey pointing that out.

Friday, we'll put up a short video showing the "survivors' stairs," which will be on display in the underground WTC museum. These are the actual steps hundreds of people used to get out of the towers on 9/11. They remain relatively intact which is amazing when you stop to think about the purpose the "survivors' stairs" served.

The videos are short because there was so much to see and so little time in which to do the seeing. I found it interesting that today the first plants were put in around the memorial. Baroni says when people and victims' family members come for the 9th anniversary they will see, "There is life here. There is growth. We've talk about growth at the World Trade Center for years in terms of cement and steel. Now we're talking about real growth, life here."

The ivy planted today and the trees that will be planted this Saturday were shipped in from Skillman, New Jersey.

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