Friday, July 2, 2010


The theater continues at the State House today in day-two of the special session ordered by Governor Chris Christie. It takes 21 State Senators to show up in the chamber to have the quorum necessary to meet the parameters of a special session which Governor Chris Christie called for again today. However, after the Republican Senate caucus dramatically marched into the Senate chamber at 12:30, not Democratic soul was there.....

Except for a fashionably late arrival from Senate President Steve

Prior to his arrival, the abnormally prompt GOP went through the motions of saying an opening prayer and the pledge of allegiance punctually at 12:30. During the pledge of allegiance the Senate President watched over the flock from the balcony arriving on the floor in the midst of the pledge. Subsequently, Sweeney took his position, did a roll call, entered himself present, counted 18 Senators and in defying the Governor declared there was no quorum.

As Sweeney attempted to leave the chamber State Senator Joe Kyrillos immediately derided the president with the questions, "Why didn't we get to work Mr. President?"After responding to questions by Senators Tom Kean and Kyrillos he approached his final escape. He almost was able to reach the door when State Senator Jen Beck stated, "When Governor Corzine called a special session, all of your members attended. I think it's disrespectful they haven't bothered to respond." Sweeney interrupted by stating, "We are following the constitution." After that, both began to talk over one another calmly and collectively. During this time in a display of extreme multitasking, Sweeney respectfully made his way out of the chamber continuing to respond to Beck's comments while shaking hands with various Senators.

In possibly positive sign for the people of New Jersey, every legislator seems to have the same notion of reforming and lowering property taxes in New Jersey. Help is on the way. The reason for the petty performances is due to disagreement through the road to reform. Isn't it ironic, that through budget cuts many drama programs in public schools were cut due to lack of funding? Yet, drama seems to be
legislature's favorite pastime!

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