Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a $29 billion State Budget bill inside the Summit Engine Company South River Fire Department. Outside awaited protestors who represented various groups that opposed Christie, the budget, or government in general. One woman came to oppose the budget's cuts in women's health, and another man stood against Christie's education platform. Opposition to public policy is always apparent. Yet one would expect more than half a dozen people to oppose the budget with a self proclaimed combative governor.

May 23rd, 2010 thousand's of New Jersey public workers and residents came to Trenton to protest the governor's reforms to education. They were angry with the initial cuts to education in Christie's proposed budget. Yet the current budget remains extremely similar to the initial spending plan especially in regards to education.

Why were there only less than a dozen protestors? Some speculated that there is really no progress that can be made by protesting efforts. Others
may say that this Governor has won his fight with the NJEA.

The reason
may be unknown, but the result is clear. Less protestors are following the governor. Whatever the reason may be that they come, protestors do benefit the Governor. When people come to protest they are likely to spend money. Citizen's spending money will help stimulate the economy!

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