Monday, June 28, 2010


NJN's future remains unclear as Governor Chris Christie pushes to end state funding for the network. If you missed "On the Record" with Michael Aron yesterday, you missed a prime example of why NJN should survive.

The FY 2011 State Budget is likely to be passed by the legislature today. Aside from lengthy debate, little drama is expected. Another measure will be considreed today. It would cap property tax increases at 2.9% without voter approval. Christie is feverishly advocating a plan that would amend the constitution to limit the increases to 2.5%.

Christie says his plan is better because there are few execeptions. Republican State Senator Joe Kyrillos sponsors legislation representing the Governor's proposal. State Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Democrat sponsors the 2.9% bill in the Upper House.

Yesterday, Kyrillos and Sweeney appeared with Michael Aron on his "On the Record" program on NJN. What transpired was must-see TV for everyone, not just politicians, lobbyists and reporters, but everyone who lives in this State. Property taxes impact the lives of every New Jersey resident.

Sweeney and Kyrillos debated back and forth on the merits of their respective plans. It was informative, interesting and thought-provoking. Aron jumped in only when necessary to ask the questions that needed to be asked. I've known both lawmakers for the better part of a decade and I believe that they both whole-heartedly believe in the bill's they're sponsoring.

This is what public television is all about or at least what it should be all about. To watch the program go to

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