Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last month, Governor Chris Christie vetoed a millionaire's tax hike bill just moments after it passed the legislature. Yesterday, State Senate President Steve Sweeney said he would post the bill again on June 10th to see if he could garner enough votes to override Christie's veto. Today, Sweeney said that vote will not happen on that date. He says he got his dates mixed up.

As per procedure, bills that raise revenue must first go through the Assembly and the next scheduled voting session in the People's House isn't until June 21st.

Sources tell us that Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver was none too happy when she heard this morning on NJ 101.5 FM and across the Millennium Radio New Jersey Network that Sweeney originally planned an override vote for June 10th. Stay tuned.


VeteransWife said...

sWeeney suffers from premature emasculation.

jhhelmstetter said...

Typical Democrat—open mouth---insert foot. And this guy is the State Senate President! If he can’t remember a date, what does he do with the important stuff!