Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today, Assembly Budget Committee chairman Lou Greenwald questioned State Treasurer Andrew Eristoff about a proposed cut to the Film Production Tax Credit Program. Greenwald says film companies come to New Jersey because of the tax break and Garden State companies reap the benefits. The cast and crew stay at hotels, eat in restaurants and shop in stores.

As an example of a movie recently shot in New Jersey, Greenwald cited "Baby Mama" starring Tina Fey. I'm sure there were other movies and TV shows that selected New Jersey for their location, but the Assemblyman used "Baby Mama" to illustrate his point. He also mentioned "Ocean's 11."

Eristoff said in recent years there hasn't been a year when the eintire tax credit was drawn down. He calls it a fairly concentrated benefit.

This could be very good news for Tina Fey fans. Essentially it means that is she's planning "Baby Mam 2" she could film it in Jersey. I think most people are craving a "Baby Mama" sequel because so much was left unresolved in the first movie.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, please turn your spell checker on. I found two pretty obvious errors, "eintire," and "Baby Mam 2."