Monday, April 19, 2010


NJEA president Barbara Keshishian has been under fire for refusing to urge teachers to accept a wage freeze and for failing to call for the resignation of Bergen County Education Association chief Joe Coppola who recently circulated a memo hinting at Governor Chris Christie's death.

Today, (4/19/10) the Assembly Budget Committee held a public hearing on Christie's Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal. Keshishian did not have to testify, but she signed up and she showed up. She must have known she was going to get brutally tough questions from Republicans on the panel and that's exactly what happened.

Whether you agree with Keshishian's positions on the issues or not, it is almost impossible not to recognize that she won't back down from a fight. A recent poll shows more New Jersey voters actually blame Christie for the teacher layoffs that are coming.

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Anonymous said...

Keshishian in all her interviews and anytime she opens her mouth keeps digging that hole she is in as to what is she even good for.

She says she can't force teachers to take the wage freeze, she can't have superintendents fired, she doesn't have the power to do this or that... what is the point of having her?? If each townships teachers union acts independently from the NJEA that the all powerful Extortion Association can't get their subordance to do what htey tell them then they are good for nothing. Their is no point in having the NJEA then, let the township run their own individual teachers union, those towns maintain their own contracts, and if they don't like that, then the town can opt out of having to use a teachers union.