Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Journalists are just like anybody else with a job. We all have bosses and we have to answer to them. When we are assigned a story and we don't deliver it, we hear about it and it is not pretty. When the reason we don't deliver it is based upon bad information from the Governor's staff it doesn't make any difference even if the Governor's communications director tells us she, "takes full responsibility."

Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie had a morning press event away from the State House. Reporters were told by a member of Christie's staff that he would not be taking questions at that event, but there would be the standard Q&A at Christie's 1:30pm press event in his outer office. Most of us worked in our offices thinking we could get the quotes we needed at the 1:30pm press conference. That didn't happen.

We were forced to waste our time waiting outside Christie's outer office until 2pm. An e-mail to the press corps saying the Governor was running late would have been appropriately professional. When Christie finished his remarks commemorating New Jerseyans of Greek heritage he turned his back and walked into his inner office.

The reporters who were told he'd take questions were stunned. For a few minutes we actually thought he would return for the media availability. He didn't.

Christie's communications director told the angry members of the press (myself included) who were lingering around that Christie, "already answered reporters' questions," that morning. We told her that we were informed he wouldn't have an avail there. She made it clear she was "very sorry" for the mix-up.

I asked if Christie would come back and take questions. She said, "He doesn't have the time." I asked if he would have had the time if the 1:30pm event actually started at 1:30pm instead of 2pm. She said, "He's been running late all day." No kidding. We reminded her that we were told Christie would take questions at the 1:30pm/2pm event by a member of her own staff over which she's supposed be keeping watch. She said, "I take full responsibility."

I take full responsibility? What does that mean exactly? When I tell my boss that I didn't get the story he was looking for, he'll give me a pass because Christie's communications director said she takes full responsibility. That didn't happen either. I did get the story I was looking for though, with absolutely no thanks to the Christie press team.


Jason from Jackson said...

While I understand your frustration, frankly I don't care. If this was just on your blog and no mention was made of it on the air, I wouldn't even comment. But don't broadcast your complaint as if its news that everyone wants to hear about. I will say that I enjoy your reports and I'm glad that you do what needs to be done to get your story.

Millennium Radio New Jersey said...
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Millennium Radio New Jersey said...

I did not mention this on the air and I did not "broadcast" my complaint.
Kevin McArdle

Jason From Jackson said...

While you did not Eric did, he not only talk about that you had a blog but the topic about your anger with the governors office. Next time you write something like this, tell Eric not to broadcast it. I'm not trying to attack you just giving you some constuctive critism.

Millennium Radio New Jersey said...

I appreciate the constructive critism and I didn't think you were trying to attack me. I actually didn't know Eric said anything about. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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