Monday, March 15, 2010


Yesterday, the State Senate Economic Growth Committee released legislation to urge the National Football League to select the new Meadowlands Stadium as host to Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently offered support to the Meadowlands’ case, telling the New York Daily News, “playing in the elements is central to the way the game of football is played,” and “being able to do that and celebrate the game of football in the No. 1 market could have tremendous benefits.”

The NFL recently waived its requirement that cities bidding to host a Super Bowl have either a 50-degree minimum outdoor temperature in early February or a climate-controlled indoor field to allow the Giants and Jets to bid on behalf of their open-air Meadowlands stadium.

In my opinion, even a temperature of two degrees isn't too cold to hold the Super Bowl at the Meadowlands because I'll still be warm. The reason for this is, like most people, I couldn't afford to buy Super Bowl tickets and I'll be sitting in my living room like I have for every other Super Bowl game. The Super Bowl is not attended by true fans. Corporate bigwigs and their clients pack the stadium and a lot of them couldn't care less who is playing and I couldn't care less if New Jersey hosts a Super Bowl or not.

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Anonymous said...

I could never understand the attraction some have to professional sports.

Professional athletes are a bunch of people I don't know, who play ball games. For those who enjoy it, fine, but it bores me to tears. How someone can "love" a team of strangers, I do not know.

Politics, on the other hand, is endlessly interesting, complicated, a study in human nature, and it affects our lives because politicians have power over us.