Tuesday, February 16, 2010


86-year-old U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg from New Jersey is recovering in an undisclosed hospital. The Senator was taken to a hospital Monday after becoming lightheaded and falling at his Cliffside Park home. A bleeding ulcer is believed to be the cause. Today, he underwent a successful endoscopy procedure.

Lautenberg's spokesman says, "Early this morning doctors diagnosed Senator Lautenberg with a bleeding ulcer, and he underwent a successful endoscopy procedure to treat it. After becoming lightheaded and taking a fall as a result of the condition, the Senator sought medical attention last night. The Senator is expected to make a full recovery and will be back to work soon."

Later today came word that former New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne was mugged on the streets of London. The 85-year-old was also apparently sucker-punched by the mugger who was quickly apprehended.

According to the Star Ledger of Newark, Byrne said, "Some nut came out of the blue and punched me in the jaw, and was immediately arrested.........I think I’m alright. I have some cuts on my face........I’m surviving. Have a headache and a sore face. Sore lips."

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