Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since taking office last month NJ Governor Chris Christie has been relentlessly crusading against the state's authorities, commissions, agencies and boards. He's just signed an Executive Order directing all such agencies to terminate lobbying contracts as soon as legally permissible. The Governor also capped all travel by employees of the authorities at$250 unless otherwise approved by the Governor's office and he's asked his Cabinet to evaluate the authorities and recommend which ones to cut by May 15.

The Passiac Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) has been the poster child for waste and the now-retired head of the PVSC has been Christie's personal whipping boy. Before recently resigning as executive director Bryan Christiansen was making $313,000 a year. He's now collecting a $140,000-a-year pension for not working.

As long as they meet with FCC standards, I don't hestitate to air sound bites from newsmakers even if the quotes might be lacking in the good taste department and if Assemblyman Gordon Johnson would have said to me what he said to the Newark Start Ledger I would have let the listeners hear it.

Johnson described the PVSC's budget, now $164 million as, "an awful lot of money to push poopy through a pipe." Eloquent? No. Accurate? You be the judge.


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