Thursday, April 9, 2009


For people who are resisting furlough days so fiercely, state workers sure seem to find it easy to take time off to go around the state and protest against them. Am I wrong about that? Is it just me who thinks this? Maybe it's because they're using paid time to picket against unpaid furlough days.


Richard Weber said...

First of all, you are so right about the state furloughs !! What about this John C. Bartlett Jr. and how he doubled his $44,576. government pension by working as a full time professor at Ocean County College FOR ONLY 3 YEARS !! This is such a travesty for New Jersey taxpayers. With all the ridiculous benefits they get now. they leave the private sector in the dust when it comes to pensions and benefits. I worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield for 25 years and did not get health benfits from them!! According to their rules, because I was not yet 55 years of age, I did not rate. Where is the fairness in that. This clown works for only 3 years, and gets another 44K ?! OUTRAGEOUS
SIGNED Rich Weber I feel I no longer have representation for my tax monies, and I want to cease in paying my property taxes until I GET SOMETHING BACK IN RETURN LIKE STATE WORKERS !!! I know many other taxpayers feel the same !!

Anonymous said...

a normal state pension is figured on the final or highest three years of being in the teachers union allows him certain options that regular state employees don't have.all the stories you hear and read about that these superintendants and principals getting those unheard pensions and benefits come from the teachers union.they are the biggest and most powerful union in the state.

Anonymous said...

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