Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Next week the Corzine Administration is expected to roll out the much anticipated new school funding formula in its entirety. It is likely to be a three-day affair beginning Tuesday with a portion being made public each day. That roll-out would be similar to the Governor’s anti-crime initiative with a separate piece unveiled each day in a different part of the state. Reporters weren’t exactly crazy about the anti-crime press conferences. They went on and on and on averaging about an hour and a half a piece. Every stakeholder had a chance to speak and they took it. We probably shouldn’t expect anything short of that this time around. As one Administration official anonymously pointed out, “Lucille Davy isn’t exactly known for her brevity.” Davy is the Department of Education commissioner.

Speaking of Davy; the rumor in the halls of the State House is that newly-named Community Affairs commissioner and former State Senator Joe Doria will be named Education commissioner in the not-too-distant future. It is just an often-whispered rumor at this point, but there’s a reason rumors begin and are spread. Leaders in the legislature were recently briefed on the school funding formula in the Governor’s office and I’m told Doria was there. The meeting took place on the very day Doria was confirmed as DCA boss by the State Senate.

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