Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Republican Assembly members Jennifer Beck and Sean Kean are suing the Corzine Administration and asking a judge to force the Governor to release an $800,000-plus study on monetization and the possible impact on tolls. Several prominent attorneys are privately saying a judge’s decision to schedule oral arguments for November 16 means this is the easiest lawsuit in the world to make disappear. They’re predicting Jon Corzine will wait until after the election, but before the court date to make the report publicly available and possibly unveil his still secret scheme. That would make the suit, moot. The AG’s office has until 10/26 to respond to the complaint and the GOP has until 11/9 to respond to that response.

Would this ploy, if it were to play out this way, feed into GOP accusations that Corzine is politicizing monetization and is holding onto the plan until after November 6 because he knows the very concept of monetization could hurt his fellow Democrats at the polls? Would you buy the fact that the answers he’s been patiently awaiting from the IRS regarding tax-exempt bonds suddenly were provided just after the election and before the court date? Would the timing be a bit too convenient for you? The study was paid for using taxpayer money. Do taxpayers have the right to see what their cash has bought?


Anonymous said...

There is the problem in a nutshell, they spend our tax dollars and then think we don't have a right to see the results. This is a blatant political ploy, Corzine knows the plan doesn't benefit taxpayers. If it did, it would have been released already.

Anonymous said...

It is so comforting to know judges are apolitical and understanding of their responsibility. What passes for wisdom in this State certainly is not defined by the definition of the word.

Kal said...

I have a simple idea which will prevent Corzine from selling our toll roads.

We all call EZPass and tell them we are canceling our accounts if the roads will be sold.

That's it!

See how fast Corzine changes his position.

Anonymous said...

This is the absolute height of hypocrisy! The only people that would benefit from this scheme are the core shareholders of the firm that brokers these toll roads deals all over the country,
"Goldman Sachs",namely Corzine and all of his advisers! But I guess they think average NJ taxpayer is too dumb to know this!!