Monday, October 29, 2007


Must-see television this weekend was, without question, “On The Record,” with Michael Aron on the New Jersey Network. The guests were 12th District State Senator Ellen Karcher and 12th District Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck. Karcher is the incumbent. Beck is trying to unseat Karcher. For those following this race which is perhaps the most hotly contested battle in New Jersey, the issues weren’t new nor were the arguments. It is one thing to read about the animosity between Karcher and Beck, but it is quite another thing to see it and hear it. Aron is a well-known and consummate broadcast journalist and he proved why as he played referee to Karcher and Beck who were slugging it out from the opening bell to the last second of the final round. Both seemed to prefer throwing haymakers and this bout was all about taking the offensive. Rather than cover up and look for the opening to counter with body blows, the legislators seemed perfectly content to take it on chin as long as each kept connecting at the same time. At least neither lawmaker took a bite out of the other’s ear. Aron was on top of his game, somehow keeping both Karcher and Beck on point and if you check out NJN’s website where the show is archived, you’ll see that wasn’t easy to do.

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